The Hungry Bear is hungry!

'The Hungry Bear' is the latest tablet and mobile game where you help feed The Hungry Bear by catching fish with the swipe of your fingers!

Feeding The Hunger

Help feed The Hungry Bear each day by catching salmon from the river.

Work on your paw technique to achieve higher levels, but watch out for those pesky Rival Bears!

Catch more than 5 fish in a row, and discover what magical fish are lurking underneath.

See if you can uncover the legendary Monster Trout!

Action Shots

  • Feed the hungry bear
  • Choose the right fish
  • Gain streaks and multipliers for bonuses
  • But watch out for Rival Bears
  • The Hungry Bear
  • The Hungry Bear


  • Play the classic 'Survival' game mode and see how long you can last keeping the Hungry Bear fed
  • Get a friend to lend a helping paw, and use multitouch to help each other feed the Hungry Bear
  • Or if you're feeling competitive, try 'Versus' game mode with a friend, and see who is the ultimate Hungry Bear in this intense head-to-head local multiplayer mode
  • Game Center integration allows you to compete for the highest score on the Leaderboard, or set Challenges for your friends to complete

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